White and black magic

M a g i c is:

- the manipulation of the soul's forces of other people

- ... and of the beings in nature; the influence on processes in nature (e.g. the weather).

Magic is a neutral process, basically. The difference between white and black magic lies in how it is being made use of, in a positive or negative way. Positive means: support and encourage other people, help them make progress in their life. Negative means: manipulate and abuse existing forces for egoistic reasons, seeking one's own advantages only.

There are many different shades of grey between white and black magic, depending on the intention and intensity of the manipulation taking place.

Publicity is part of our survival strategy

We experience everyday all kinds of exerting influence, by a flood of publicity, on TV, in printed form on leaflets, posters, bills, etc. - We know that this publicity is not directed at our thinking, our intellect, but at our feelings, our world of emotions, by wonderful music and colours; publicity spots allow us to take part in beautiful people's pleasant, positive life situations. The suggestion is to share these beautiful people's good life by buying the same products that they are enjoying the TV spot.

A kind of publicity takes also place in nature: some animals make very funny efforts to be attractive to the opposite sex!

And why are the beautiful flowers so attractive to us? Just to please us? Also, but not only. In the first place obviously to attract insects so that reproduction can take place.

We may be smiling over the animals' and flowers' behaviour, but is the difference between their behaviour and ours so great? The more or less funny things that the humans do to be attractive and winning, is the topic of many comedies, movies, theatre plays, and in daily life.

The greater and artful the magic, the greater the success!

The magic of the word

All that exists in the universe, is the result of the magic of the word - the logos (in the beginning ...).

Whatever we say or do, has to do with magic. Every word is magic: with a comforting word we can encourage and build up a person ("I know you can do it, try it again"), or destroy him with a negative remark ("you always do everything wrong, you looser ..."). So let's be careful with our words! How often are we careless with what we are saying, in human relations, in our job. And then the politicians! Etc., etc. ...

Think quickly, speak slowly!

How can we protect ourselves - our Selves - from negative influences?

The first step is to become aware of the fact that we are constantly being influenced by people and situations. Next we must get informed about the methods of the "magicians", the grey or even black ones, around us. This leads to a strengthening of our self-confidence. With a sufficient, healthy degree of self-confidence we are then in a position to make our own decisions. And this protects us from all kinds of magic that try to influence us.

This is one of the most important goals in our development:

to do our own thinking, make our own decisions!

instead of letting other people think and make decisions for us. Of course, after we have thoroughly considered everything and all the consequences, when we are sure, that we are considerate towards other people and nature. So we become free, step by step.

One such decision to take is in which persons we can have confidence and in whom not! It is extremely important to avoid being abused. I think that abusing other peoples' confidence is one of the worst things that one can do! But, of course, it is very often only at the end of a series of painful experiences that we get to such a level of consciousness!

How do we recognise the grey and black magicians who are trying to influence us?

The grey and black magicians cannot accept other peoples' own, free decisions.

"Yes, but ....!!"

They will continue trying to persuade you until you agree ... against your own will.

A considerate person will always accept the opinion and decision of others, a grey magician is not able to do that. He will persistently try to persuade you, until you agree or show him that your are too self-confident for him. Only then will he let you go.

To build up self-confidence is strenuous, but worthwhile.

The will-powers are the deciding factor in practising black magic, on the other hand they help us defend ourselves against it. Again, the difference lies in how we use our will-powers.

The positive or negative practice of our will-powers has far wider consequences than we usually think: the constructive and destructive forces and processes of the Earth depend on how the human beings use their will-powers. Weather and climate in general are the result of how the will-powers of the human beings are used: catastrophic social conditions in the peoples in the world lead to catastrophic weather conditions around our planet! The lack of balance in peoples' thinking, feeling and doing is reflected by weather conditions.

When we have to suffer from increasing destruction, floods, tsunamis, earth-quakes, volcano eruptions .. we have to look at ourselves. Are we personally balanced, in peace with ourselves? If not, no wonder ...

A peaceful mind is not the rule nowadays. What we also definitely must avoid to do is watch films about catastrophes every night on TV! The pictures we form in our mind result in real events in the world, with these pictures we prepare our and the planet's future! So let's be more careful about the pictures we take along to bed and into the night!

Here is a summary of examples of negative and positive influences:

positive influence / white magic: negative influence / grey or black magic:
support life processes; killing / torturing people or animals, disregard of all living beings (e.g. "scientific" experiments on animals);
comprehensive information on the spiritual basics and background of our existence constant background of music and distraction by TV shows, computer games, other media; withholding of essential and true information (people who are not informed can be manipulated)
make proper use of one's time and forces; take care of a healthy living stress - frustration - despair;
respect the free will of others; encourage those who want to be or become free and independent exercise power or force on other people; manipulate people
support people's strive for self-confidence humiliate people
support freedom and independence make people dependent
build up Christ-consciousness, Christ-awareness practice satanism
be creative, constructive all kinds of destruction
encourage people whenever possible intimidate, threaten people, create fear;
sincerity; honesty; the courage to live the truth lying; deception; distortion of truth and facts; abuse of symbols; the swastika, used by the nazis, is a good example of twisting round and so abusing symbols: it is originally a symbol for the development of the chacra between the brows, and so for spiritual and free, independent thinking! Other examples are the reversed pentagramme and the reversed crucifix.
clear thinking; common sense; attentiveness; interest; caution hypnosis; any influence on people's free will; any intervention or interference in people's will sphere; any kind of suggestion, or talking into doing something;
turn one's attention to beauty and harmony, beautiful architecture
*); beautiful music*) the structure of the surrounding architecture influences the structure of our soul)
ugliness and cruelty are presented as normal; the real sense of words and concepts is being distorted, or even twisted round
forgive blackmail
(space for your own inspirations)  
It is obvious how important it is what we think, because all of us are developing to be what we are thinking now. When a person is convinced that all the bad things are always happening to him, then all the bad things will continue to happen to him.

There is another aspect related to the acquisition of information on our spiritual background, our origin in the spiritual world: if somebody is not interested in acquiring spiritual light of wisdom during his incarnation on Earth, he will remain in darkness after death. Rudolf Steiner says that we can see in the astral and spiritual worlds only those things, or beings, that we can illuminate with the light of our soul. If we do not have any soul's light, we won't be able to see anything!
Such a person remains, therefore, attached to Earth, because he is not able to travel out into the cosmos (whereto, as cannot see anything) and can be used/misused by black magicians.

We see how important it is to get as much information as possible about the spiritual world, the world of light and wisdom, our origin. We have no time to wait (for better times).

Let there be light!!!

It is also important to know that black-magical forces not only wreck the human beings who practise them, but also the entire organism of the Earth and its (her) cosmic destination.

Entrance holes for black magic are: hypnosis - spiritism - week ego, or Self - a negative attitude towards life.

What strengthens us? Our personal efforts to get information and understanding, the conscious application of will-power to overcome an illness or stroke of fate, all this makes us strong on the spiritual, psychic, vital, and physical levels.

When we have successfully learned from our experiences, and, as a consequence, have transformed and freed ourselves from old patterns and entanglements, when we have learned to "knit new patterns", and have widened our horizon, then the light of our soul will become lighter and lighter. We will be able to overlook and understand better and better the situations and phases in our life, and how all events are connected. This will allow us to prepare a new future, where we will be free and able to live love wisely.

One last important word on black magic:

Black magic ends with the destruction of the black magician's existence.

Whereas a lightful magic, based on love, builds a new future for all mankind and the entire cosmos! And the entire cosmos is waiting longingly for a successful evolution of mankind. Because everything is to become new: an old, stringent order - though excellent and brilliant - is to be replaced by a new order, based on love and freedom, to be lived - consciously - by free sons and daughters originating from a divine Father and Mother.

What a great responsibility for all of us!!!

* * * * * * * * * * * *

When you are silent, be silent out of love,
when you speak, speak out of love,
when you criticise, criticise out of love,
when you spare someone's feelings, spare them out of love.

St. Augustin

* * * * * * * * * *

Grey days are irreplaceable - if we could not make a comparison, we would not be loving so much the colourful days.

* * * * * * * * * *

We will be able to protect ourselves from the grey rain of routine when we get ourselves a colourful umbrella of inquisitive interest in life

* * * * * * * * * *

It is strange how many deaths some people have to die, in order to become aware of the reason what they have been born for.

* * * * * * * * * *

A sceptic look always finds imperfections everywhere. It is only to trusting eyes that life reveals its entire perfection.

* * * * * * * * * *

The greatest experiences that we can make are not our loud but our quiet hours.

Jean Paul

* * * * * * * * * *

Gratitude is the memory of our heart.


* * * * * * * * * *

You can only see right with your heart.
The essential things in life remain invisible to our eyes.

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

* * * * * * * * * *