Dear reader, interested in mankind, in the world, and in the meaning of life.

The time has come,

to get the meaning of life clear in our mind. Important decisions and steps are waiting to be taken, all over the world. If we look attentively at what is presently happening in the world we see that mankind is faced with the risk to lose all the cultural and social achievements that it has been struggling for and succeeded in acquiring over thousands of years. I'm sure that everyone will agree with this.

In quiet moments of self-contemplation, looking at the state of our personal life situation, we realise that something has to be done - many things have to be done. Now. We have no more time to waste.

Will the train in which mankind is travelling, master the steep curves ahead?

We realise, and this is already an important first step, that initiatives have to be taken, if we want to get the development of mankind out of its present state of stagnation, or even decline. The global train, in mankind is travelling is racing towards a deep abysm - to use a picture - just as life is fast-moving everywhere, everything has to be done faster and faster, more and more efficient, we live in times of continued increase of superlatives and high demands. Humanity is about to lose the awareness about what human values are.

Fortunately enough, we can also make the encouraging experience that parallel to all the negative, the human being despising and even destroying measures and events, there are many people all over the world, in all nations and cultures, who have a clear picture about the real human values, about what is really important in life, and how we can solve social problems together. The knowledge, how to do it, is available, it is no secret. It is time now, that these people get to know each other, get together and prepare the future, on a new level, a high level of understanding and love. And this is already happening, NGOs (non-government Organisations), and many others, are already living this future.

What is it that makes us "human beings"? This is the central topic of this homepage: the knowledge about and interpretation of the meaning of life, the reason for our existence, as far as this is possible, taking into account the present state of development of mankind. The human ability to have knowledge about the reasons for our existence on this earth has been changing and developing ever since the first humans started to incarnate. The "wisdom of life" is the central issue of this homepage, therefore its name: "VITASOPHIE".

Balance is centred in the middle

The name of this homepage: VITASOPHIE is a working title. Its contents are supposed to reach the intellect of human beings but also, and this is very important to me, peoples' hearts. Therefore, the various topics are supported by pictures and examples from everyday experiences that all of us make, and where everyone of us can recognise himself, his personal way. My thinking is, that theory is very important, but our daily experiences not less so. There must be a balance between both, they must complement one another. All we do in life, actually leads to this balance, strives towards compensation, is longing for harmony. There are many aspects in life that have to do with balance and harmony, and I try to throw light on these in my articles.

Balance is the right portion between

- too much and too little;
- too hot and too cold;
- male and female;
- Yang and Yin;
- thinking and feeling;
- fear and too high spirits;
- poverty and exaggerated wealth;
- etc., etc. ...

The right balance results in health - on all levels

In view of the alarming state of our planet earth, and mankind as a whole as well, we are forced to review our attitude towards the basics of life, and wake up to reality. Dreamtime is over! Instead, the time has come to urgently re-organise our thinking, feeling, and doing!

Male and female in balance

Consciousness is the female quality of every human being, whether man or woman. It is the substance of our soul. The same applies to the cosmos, our origin and home. The cosmos also has male and female qualities, the female aspect being consciousness, wisdom = Sophia! Sophia is the soul of the cosmos.

Also the times of patriarchal society are over now - almost. Patriarchy means exaggerated, one-sided - unbalanced - male supremacy. What are typically male qualities? Exploring, researching, get-up-and-go, the will. But all these qualities need in addition wisdom, consideration of the consequences, which are female aspects, if the results are to make sense. So, what we intend to do needs thinking (get all the information available on a subject), the will to do it, and wisdom, in harmony, in balance!

During the past couple of thousand years, the one-sided aspects of will and drive for conquest very often resulted in the exercising of power, aggression, oppression, domination of other people - and peoples - and wars. Wisdom, during these times, was neither admitted nor wanted.

The female aspect - the soul - is a mirror to the male aspect: the Self

Please get me right: when I speak of "male" and "female" I do not mean "man" or "woman". The male and female aspect are present in every man, in every woman. Men and women can take the initiative, which is a male quality, and have an emotional world, a typically female quality. Many women take initiatives (whereas many men do not!), and many men can be quite emotional (whereas many women can be quite "cool"). So, in every human being there are male and female qualities, in varying proportions. Again, what we definitely need in both man and woman, is a harmony, a balance of both qualities.

Let there be light!

It is characteristic for our times that everywhere in the world, consciousness about and interest in the reason for our existence as human beings is growing rapidly. Which is very encouraging in view of what is presently going on in politics and global economy. On the one hand it is horrifying and extremely deceiving to hear and read about all kinds of abuses of human beings and of our planet. On the other, it is good that all this information is now being made available to us human beings, many dark secrets are now coming to light that in the past were withheld from the "normal" people. We live in exciting, though also very strenuous, times. We can learn a lot now, if we have the will and courage to do so. To open our eyes to the truth is of course painful but unavoidable, if we want to prepare a future where true human qualities can be lived and developed.

The contents of the VITASOPHIE articles do not have at all a "teaching" quality. This would even not be possible at all, because the basics of life are not something that you can teach or instruct, or learn. When we human beings come in incarnate (again) on earth, we are bringing along with us all the wisdom of the cosmos, however, hidden in dark unconsciousness. It is the purpose of our incarnations on earth to bring the unconscious wisdom of our soul to light! The information we can now gather about what is presently happening in our civilisation is an important contribution towards creating this clear consciousness and awareness. Truth is beginning to dawn on us. And this is the basis for creating a new truly human future.

Let there be light! The bible says that this was God's express wish - a long time ago. And the time has now come that this wish can be fulfilled. All the information required is available, all it needs is our good will, attention, and efforts.

In search of the secrets of life

Some of my texts, presented in this VITASOPHIE homepage, were written in times when I had discovered the philosopher and spiritual researcher Rudolf Steiner, the founder of Anthroposophy, of the Rudolf Steiner (Waldorf-) Schools, of the bio-dynamic way of farming, anthroposophical medicine, and some more future-oriented lifestyles. Preceding that discovery, already in times when I was a school boy, I had always been thinking that this could not be all: be born in a family, go to school, learn a profession, get married, have children, get old, die one day, and that was it! I thought: there must be something eternal, never-ending about the human being. Otherwise, life would not make sense.

Then, one day, I came across a book by Rudolf Steiner, an outline of the spiritual science (The German title of the book is: "Die Geheimwissenschaft im Umriss"). I started reading it and discovered that it described in detail all the "secrets" that I had been looking for over so many years. Many more books by Rudolf Steiner followed (there exists a total of more or less 350 books, most of them composed of impromptu speeches he held in the early 20th century).

I was so enthusiastic and grateful about this that I decided to carry out evening classes to introduce Rudolf Steiner's spiritual work. Some of the material I created during that time are now made available to you on this VITASOPHIE homepage.

I am mentioning Rudolf Steiner because I think that his spiritual findings are an important contribution towards understanding history, development, and the future of the human race. And of the cosmos as a total. I also believe that Anthroposophy has so far only started to unfold, I hope that many more people will have the opportunity to get to know Rudolf Steiner's work. I am mentioning Rudolf Steiner as an homage to his great work (I'm not a member of the anthroposophical society, though!). - People interested in Rudolf Steiner's work can find an access to his works through some of the links mentioned in the VITASOPHIE homepage portal).

Repeated lives on earth?
The topics Karma and repeated lives on earth were of greatest importance to Rudolf Steiner. Because I think the same way I hope to be able to support a little bit the intentions of Rudolf Steiner with my articles.

But Rudolf Steiner was not the only one to do spiritual research. I'm grateful that I was able to find additional interesting fountains of spiritual knowledge. These will be mentioned occasionally in my texts, though I'm not all the time referring to them. What you will be reading in the VITASOPHIE homepage is my personal way of understanding the spiritual backgrounds of the world, as they appear plausible to me, and how I am able to understand and formulate them. Nobody is perfect! - this fact makes me feel better, and gives me the courage to realise this homepage.

There is no commercial or religious aspect connected to the VITASOPHIE homepage. I am totally free in this respect. And to be free is wonderful! I'm just so thankful for the knowledge and insights I was able to receive as a gift over the years, that I want other members of the big world-wide family to participate in them, hoping that what I am saying may eventually be a help or can answer some of the questions that come up in difficult situations during life.

To be free is the destiny, the goal of mankind. But this freedom is presently in great danger!!! Therefore, let's watch out! A blue-eyed look at spirituality is a great risk, we are surrounded by dangers and challenges of all kind, we must definitely take care of ourselves - of our Selves - and protect and defend our Selves. Let's also look out for allies, for people who think and strive like we do, with the love for mankind and the earth in our minds and hearts!!

What does God look like?

I think it is important to widen one's mental horizon whenever possible, in order to obtain a general overview on mankind's present situation, and to avoid one-sidedness regarding our sources of information. How important this is can be judged by the fact that Muslim children are allowed to study the Koran only! How can someone appreciate the beauty of a rainbow if he sees red only?

The entire mankind is in a process of evolution, which takes on, however, very different forms, depending on culture, religion, tradition. The holy books of all cultures and religions reveal profound wisdom about the divinity in the cosmos, and we can learn a lot by studying them.

What I discovered through my studies was that each religion represents an aspect of the divine that had been accessible for mankind during a defined period of time. The state of the development of mankind is reflected by the religion and culture of the leading civilisation of an epoch.

God has as many faces as there are human beings!

No religion, or culture, is better or worse in comparison with the others. But different. It has to do with development. Mankind, our earth, the entire universe is continuously developing. And so is God. The development of the universe is God's development, because the universe is God's body.

The perception that people had of God, varied considerably through the cultural epochs. This perception depended, and still depends, on the state of the consciousness of the people. A few thousand years ago people felt that they were part of nature, and God was nature, so they experienced God everywhere in nature. The Chinese called this Tao (or Dao). This perception of God in nature was a very old tradition, going as far back as to the old Atlantis, which disappeared under floods of water 12.000 years ago.

God doesn't seem to have any longer any face today because people are entangled in materialism and have forgotten all about God.

2,000 years ago God became human - in Christ! And it is only since then that God has a human face. Therefore, God has as many faces as there are human beings. Provided, that the human beings accept and live this fact!! How can we recognise a God-conscious person? God is love and wisdom (and much more, of course). So, if we meet a loving and wise person, we meet God. However, we sometimes meet people who are anything but loving and wise. In such cases the question is justified, whom we are meeting here. It is a difficult question, but it is certainly wise to be careful, in such a case.

The Buddhists have a problem with imagining God as a person. This is so because when Buddha was spreading his teachings during the 6th - 4th century BC, God had not incarnated yet as a human being, and could, therefore, obviously not yet be considered as personal.

Atheists say, that they do not believe in God. But: if we meet a person whom we experience as loving, wise, and considerate, obviously he or she is living divine qualities! Which shows us that a name is not important but how and what a person is living, doing in practice.

Does anyone possess the truth?

Is there a one and only truth valid for all of the cosmos and the beings living therein? This overall truth does certainly exist, but no one can justifiably state that he or she possesses it. Because, just as God has many faces (ore aspects), so truth also has many, many aspects, or facets. Each aspect of the truth, or insight gained, or idea, has to pass through our individual, personal filter, we all see the truth through our personal spectacles. It depends on our ability to perceive and express verbally insights, on our intelligence, health, religion, cultural and social circumstances, the degree of freedom so far realised, the scope of our consciousness and awareness. All this, again, is the result of many experiences made in previous and the present incarnation on earth, etc. - So it depends on many factors to what extend a human being is able to perceive, process, and pass on "his truth". This also means that we better keep our head down instead of thinking that we possess the truth. This is just not possible! Let us rather try to widen our mental horizon, and with it our personal scope of truth, by exchanging our experiences and insights with other people!

Just as nobody and nothing is perfect! This word, originating from the French language, means "complete", or "finished". But nothing and nobody will ever be complete or finished. Evolution, or the development of the human being and the universe, will never come to an end. Life and development will go on forever! Which, on the other hand, makes life so interesting, and allows for surprises and change. If development would not continue, everything would come to a stagnation and standstill, and standstill means the end, death. When a living, whirling water comes to a stagnation it starts fouling, stinking. The same applies to food. I mean natural food, not chemistry. Chemical - fast - food has no life in it. Nor has a slice of cheese, after it has been in the microwave for a little time, it comes out as a sheet of plastic.

We see that living means flowing, whirling, whirling through life.

Living also means changing!

Nothing is as continuous as change! Life is constant change. People who stop changing, stop living. To change habits is, however, one of the most difficult exercises. In particular the bad habits. But if we want to successfully continue our personal development we have to separate, or dissolve old patterns in order to be able to knit new ones. Our personal, individual development is only possible through the never-ending, vital process of freeing ourselves from old habits and circumstances, and limitations. Instead, let us welcome new situations and possibilities. Naturally, letting go and breaking up are sometimes hard to do!

A standstill in our life can lead to disease, because life has stopped flowing. A person "whirling through life" is normally a healthy person. The issue of health and disease is of special personal interest to me (having worked happily 17 years for a company in Germany producing and distributing anthroposophical remedies). Therefore, I am looking at this topic a couple of times in some of the other articles of this homepage, in various contexts.

Let's develop more courage and joie de vivre!

Hopefully my texts will lead to more encouragement, generate or bring back interest in life. Also, it is important to me to underline how important it is to enjoy life! Here again, it is our task to find the right balance between working seriously and with concentration, at the right time, but also to learn how to enjoy life, at the right time. There are times to be serious, and other times to have a good laugh. We cannot always work hard, be a workaholic, just as it would make no sense if we were be laughing all the time. The right balance makes us healthy.

A set of statistics has been worked out, according to which people who understand enjoying life a sound way get around 90 years old (whether these have a religious or atheistic attitude, doesn't play a role). For people who are not enjoying life, the upper limit is around 60!

What are the basic elements of our eternal existence in the universe? Love, in the first place, consciousness, beauty (of soul and - spiritual - body), abundance, joy of life, living, changing, developing!!

The question is justified why not everyone of us is lucky enough to live all of these fortunes every day and all through our life. This is so, because the wisdom it needs to live all these qualities consciously has to be acquired first. And this is strenuous, difficult, painful often. But our efforts are indeed worthwhile. For example, there is a difference between enjoying life consciously, or without realising what is happening. Another, better example: the difference between a person telling another person by habit, without reflecting: "I love you", or a beloved person looking deep into your eyes, embracing you and whispering warm-heartedly into your ears "I love you", and you feel this was said with conviction, it was authentic.

The human being - a speck of dust in the universe?

It is the greatest thing, in the entire universe, to be a human being. God himself decided to become human, because it was so important to him: in Christ. However: the path to becoming a human being, in whom god has realised himself, is most strenuous, and risky! But we can do it! If the right people team up and join forces, and together try to realise this goal. Our consciousness with this target in mind is Christ-consciousness.

"By their fruits ye shall know them"

To me, a theory is just as much worth as it is effective and helpful in real life. Times are over where we just had to believe what we were told. Nowadays, as a result of all our experiences in this and previous lives we are more sceptical. Also the times of the grey and even black magicians are over! In these new times, that have now begun, we want to be better informed, in order to be able to make our own decisions. This is what freedom means. Of course it is more comfortable if others make decisions for us. We do not have to make the effort of thinking. But if we continue to behave like that we will not get free, we will continue to be slaves. A slave does not need to be well-informed, his master tells him what to do. So, do we want to be a slave - or master of our own Self??

It is not my intention to persuade anyone to believe what I am convinced of myself. I'm just offering my experiences and insights for your kind perusal. Listening into yourself, using your personal common sense, and self-confidence, you will find out what is right for you.

RIP - Rest in Peace??

On some gravestones we can read "RIP - Rest In Peace". This is a wish that certainly cannot be fulfilled. The human being bearing the divine creative forces in his soul, he cannot be but creative, active, neither during his lifetime on earth nor back home in the cosmos. Divine creativity (on the basis of love and wisdom) is the substance of our existence.

Christ is the Creator, and with the Christ-consciousness - our Higher Self - we have the deepest desire to be creative. Isn't it the most dreadful situation for a human being to be unemployed, to have lost one's job, to have nothing to do that makes sense in life? Such a situation is in many cases the beginning of the end. It ruins a person's self-consciousness, self-esteem, family life. What can a person in such a situation do? Continue to obtain information and training, perhaps learn a new profession, be any time prepared to face new challenges, trust in divine guidance, "use it or lose it".

Of course, we cannot be active all the time. During our lifetime on earth, as well as before and after, in the cosmos, there are times of activity, and times of rest. There must be a balance of both, a rhythm in life. In times of rest we must get prepared for the times of activity.

We can see how a person starts living up when he/she is allowed to do something constructive! And how good do we feel, on the level of body and soul, after a long day's hard work (provided, of course, this hard work has been making sense!), even if we feel tired, than if we had nothing to do all day long. The worst that can happen, in particular to young people, is not to have any perspective in life, no targets, no motivation. However, thank God, more and more people all over the world are recognising the reasons for our present global chaos and are speaking out clear words. Words that are creating new hopes and orientation, because they make it clear that the well-being and progress of the human race and the world are more important than ever-rising dividends at the expense of the humans' and the world's health and dignity. A new social, truly human basis is now taking forms, on the basis of understanding and love.

However, it takes a lot of courage and strength to change old habits and traditions, these are still very strong and try to continue dominating our life. To many people, continue suffering is more convenient than changing one's conditions of life. Many women prefer being eaten to revolting against oppression. But we have no alternative: we are now all called to protect and defend ourselves, to make development possible. And if we really try, we get "all the help from above".

What we must try to avoid is generalising "politicians, managers" etc. We must observe very attentively and very closely what the people responsible in politics and economy are saying and doing, and take note of their names.

We humans are supposed to be one day "free spirits living love consciously and attentively". But this freedom cannot come as a gift from outside. We really have to work hard for it, this process needs all our efforts and strength, and our readiness to do our own thinking and make our own decisions.

All that mankind needs for its development is available in abundance

I would like to emphasise that all I'm saying in the Vitasophie homepage in connection with health, destiny, karma, etc. can only serve as an impulse, or encouragement, to look deeper into those topics, e.g. in cases where somebody is affected by a disease or stroke of fate. I'm neither a medical doctor nor a therapist. Therefore, please ask the specialists. Neither am I offering complete solutions to problems. But I do want to encourage everyone to start looking for the "ingredients of his personal individual prescription". Because what is the ideal solution to a problem to one person, may not at all be recommendable for another. We have all to cook our personal, individual "meal" , just as we have to "spoon up" everyone of us the soup that we have personally made, n the course of our life. This is the meaning of karma. So, let's take good care of the ingredients that we choose.

When the meal that we have prepared has turned out well, it is a pleasure to share it with others!

Making great efforts in life is one side of the coin, sharing joie de vivre with friends is just as important.

Life = Vita - in harmony with wisdom = Sophie is the goal that this Vitasophie homepage is trying to make a contribution to.

Hermann Willscheid