Fate and karma III - the red thread in our life; how our angel helps us; old and new clairvoyance; tracing back previous lives

By enduring pain we strengthen our Self! This may sound strange enough. Life could be so agreeable if we were not faced with so many problems all the time! At a first glance this statement seems to make sense.

But if we look back at a person's life: when can we say that this person has lead a rich and fulfilled life? When this person had all the comforts and pleasant situations that are possible in life? Expensive cars, big house(s), diamonds? Or rather, when he or she was confronted by all kinds of problems all life long, and learned to solve them. This way extending his / her horizon and acquiring the ability to cope with challenging or painful situations, ending up with the reputation to be a loving, reliable, person, that can be trusted and asked for advice in difficult situations.

Does suffering make any sense?

Pains, challenges make the soul mature. Suffering that we have been able to put up with, results in moral strength, which means a strong Self. The stronger the Self, or rather, the more the Higher Self of a human being is allowed to be present in his soul and body, the more a person has his thoughts and feelings under control. And the more a person has his thoughts and feelings under control, which means being in harmony on all levels, the more he is in a position to overcome weaknesses and physical diseases.

A person in harmony with him- or herself, and the world, is a healthy person

The human being is the result of God's thinking in the past. What we humans are thinking and doing now determines and forms the future. Which means that our own personal and the world's future depend on how clear and awake our present thinking is, if out of our High Self we are able to build up high moral qualities, take initiatives, are aware of our responsibilities. All this decides on the circumstances of life and our fate in future lives on Earth.

Our personal angel leads us through our incarnations

... and this applies to all our lives on Earth. He leads us to situations in life where we are faced with challenges, and can learn things. The angel himself also learns, through what we are doing and how we do it. We have a responsibility towards our angel. If we fail, this means a negative development also for our angel.

We do not have to rummage around in our soul to know what kind of karma we have to settle or to cope with. Our angel knows. Every detail of our fate, or destiny, stands in full light before our angel. He knows with which people we are connected, karma-wise, what we have to compensate, or to prepare for the future. He organises meetings, encounters, with these people, then he lets us free, because he is not allowed to have any influence on what we then do with each other. This is up to our personal freedom. It is up to us ourselves to do something constructive or negative. No other person can make decisions for us, can think for us. Nor any angel, nor God. In such situations our full presence of mind is challenged. Our hands are God's hands.

We know the members of the family into which we are born from previous lives on Earth

While preparing this incarnation we have decided in full awareness to be together again with the members of our family, in order to settle old matters from previous lives - or prepare the future.

The central thread in our soul's robe

From what has been said so far we see that we are not a blank piece of paper when we are born into this life. And there is indeed a possibility to catch a hint now and then of the "central thread" in our life, the central thread running through many of our lives: by observing ourselves attentively what we say and do, or rather how we say or do it!

"That's just like John", - "That's Jennifer all over!"

We all have habits, ways of reacting in certain circumstances, that keep repeating, until we get aware of them, and change them. The way we are: serious, humorous, charming, or not so charming, is the result and summary of many repeated lives on Earth. This accompanies us, sometimes follows us, all through our life. By our moral impulses, good or bad ones, we can become aware of our karma, which can help us organise our life in more awareness.

It is up to the individual to become a beauty or a beast

Beauty, love, life, wisdom, abundance, are what the universe is made of. It depends entirely on our way of life if one day we are going to a beauty or a beast. The constitution of our body is completely dependent on the constitution of our soul. A beautiful soul (a beautiful soul means a loving, understanding, considerate soul) creates a beautiful body.

Sometimes people are physically attractive but abuse this advantage to lead a life on the cost of others, are arrogant, disregard others, etc. - You can be sure that in their next life all the beauty will have gone.

But we also meet people who are physically not so attractive, but you feel that there is a warm, charming soul. These people have obviously learned their lesson, and in their next life they will certainly be blessed with a beautiful physiognomy and body.

We must be careful now: if we say "let's be charming and nice, so that in our next life we will be beautiful!!" this would be a decision based on egoism! The result would therefore be very disappointing indeed!

The goal must be "living love wisely". Physical beauty then comes by itself, naturally, as a reflection of the state of the soul.

The same applies to good or bad karma. If we succeed in living love wisely, love towards nature and humanity, because this love has become our inner nature, good karma is the natural result.

Who is better, the white or the black?

Some examples from Rudolf Steiner's karma lectures can help us find the answer:

Let's suppose that someone hates a person belonging to another people or race. What is probably going to happen to him in his next life? He will be born into that people or race. Why? Not in the sense of a punishment, because in the spiritual world something like a punishment does not exist. But because of justice, or balance! Because, as a member of that people or race he makes the experience that he is not better or worse than others, but makes different experiences, experiences that can be made in this culture only!

But this makes mankind so interesting: all human beings are of equal value, but everyone of us is developing towards being a world for himself, and all the worlds make up a varied, colourful, manifold universe, where all of us estimate and support each other.

Slavedriver in one life - a driven slave in the next?

Of Pestalozzi, the famous Swiss pedagogue it is said that in one of his previous lives he had been a slavedriver in Rome. Due to the karma law he met his former slaves again - this time in Switzerland, as their school teacher! He had been given the chance to compensate for his previous wrong behaviour by teaching his "pupils" all the important facts of life and help them this way - successfully - getting along in their development.

It is of interest in this context that a bad behaviour by one person must not result in that person also being treated badly in his next life. The laws of life are always constructive! Therefore, the former slavedriver must not be driven as a slave next time, but gets the chance to balance his karma by a living a constructive life!

How can a Judas - the traitor - cope with his karma?

It is obvious that the karma of Judas, who betrayed Jesus Christ, must have been an extremely bad one. However, Rudolf Steiner says that in a next incarnation in Rome, he had great influence there due to his high position, and could help Christianity to develop rapidly. Here again, compensation is realised by positive, constructive behaviour.

Handicapped people and karma

As a general rule, our mind, our attitude determine the state of our physical appearance and health. The consequence is that it is up to every individual himself to prepare his personal future physical constitution.

However, not always is a specific situation in life, such as good or bad health, due to old karma. In the case of a handicapped person it would be superficial and cold-hearted to just casually say: "by being handicapped, this person is only balancing out old karma, his bad behaviour in previous lives".

A sacrifice - out of love

In certain cases, a handicapped person may have decided, consciously, previous to this incarnation, to be handicapped in this life. Out of love for the members of his family! This may sound strange, on the other hand, it is often a greater problem for the members of a family to have a handicapped person to take care of, than for the handicapped person himself. Depending on the degree of the handicap, handicapped persons are often the happier ones in the family. This sacrifice, not being able a life long to unfold oneself, as the others do, may have been made in order that the other members of the family learn what love is! They are learning this way what really important is in life. A sacrifice - out of love.

The fact that this person was handicapped in this life leads to a next life full of chances and possibilities of unfolding, thanks to the cosmic laws of balance.

To be able to live love appropriately and wisely is our goal. Every day we are given the chance to practise this. But often situations are not easily to understand. However, if we look at them in the light of the laws of karma, the cosmic eternal balance, they get clearer and clearer, our horizon starts to widen.

Some more examples of the laws of karma - the cosmic balance:

In the course of the development of the human beings through the millenniums, the karma of every individual meets and crosses the karma of other people, naturally, the sum of all individual karmas becomes the karma of mankind. And there is even a karma of the cosmos.

In order to balance out old karma it is necessary to incarnate again in a physical, material body, because our errors in previous lives on Earth can be realised and understood after death in the spiritual world, but they can be balanced out, corrected only back in a physical body in a next incarnation!!!

Ignorance about karma doesn't protect us from its laws and consequences.

Suffering is the source of wisdom

Looking at our deeds in previous lives we realise that we are slaves of the past in our present life. But we can be masters of the future, depending on what we decide to do now and to be in the future!

People dying together in a natural catastrophe will come together again in a future incarnation on Earth to take over common tasks.

In future, the karma of an individual person can be taken over by another person or by a community.

"By the end of the 20th century Christ is going to be the master of karma".

To learn to put up with karma is necessary in the development of the human being to be able to receive the help and wisdom of spiritual beings.

The inner development of the human being leads to the recognition that our fate on Earth is what our soul has been desiring in order to settle the old debts from previous lives (which indeed is a contrast to what we usually wish to have or enjoy!). The Higher Self knows what is necessary and inspires us with the knowledge that our fate is part of us like the members of our body.

What is living in us unconsciously as our feelings and our will, but kind of unborn yet, is our developing karma. It has to remain unconscious because, if we were conscious of it, we would not be willing to compensate for it.

The human being is able to bear the consequences of his personal inappropriate behaviour in past lives, and compensate for it. The injuries caused to Earth by our sins can and will be compensated by Christ only. This is the meaning of grace.

Karma is living in our soul, the world of our feelings. Therefore, it can be useful if, in a new, unknown situation, we listen to our feelings. What do they tell us? Do I have a good feeling with what I am intending to do? Or rather not? In case of doubt we better not do (or say) it.

These are just a few examples of what karma implies. There is a lot of literature available on the subject of karma.

* * *

Old and new clairvoyance

In times long ago, when our intellect was not developed yet, or still to a small extent only, we still had the ability to be clairvoyant. Which means that we were at the same time aware of the physical-material environment, but also of the spiritual world or beings around us, consisting of all the elementary or natural spirits, the angels, etc. - These were the times when the human beings conceived and worshipped the angels (the angel hierarchies up to the cherubim and seraphim) as gods.

In the course of many incarnations, the human being developed more and more his intellect, his abstract clear thinking, accompanied by the growing conscious awareness of the material world around him. On the cost of the perception of the spiritual world, which gradually disappeared before his eyes and ears. But even today, natural spiritual beings, fairies, and angels still live in our memory. Our fairy tales and the ancient myths and legends tell about them, about gnomes, giants, trolls, ... It is due to the subconscious memories in our soul that these beings still fascinate us. Even more so our children, because they often still "see" angels and the spirits in nature. We should take our children seriously when they tell us what they are perceiving.

But times are changing again: clairvoyance, now on a clear, conscious level, is coming back. What I'm saying now is not new to many people, who are already making such experiences, who are seeing pictures coming up. This can be the result of spiritual exercises, such as meditation, but is also due to the mentioned natural development of the human being. These pictures can be very different, and their origin is not always clear. This is why we have to be very careful with what is happening, and it is certainly very useful to be informed, to be aware of this new step in our evolution. Many people have been making experience in this field for a couple of decades now, and have written books in this context. A lot of literature is now available on

tracing back previous incarnations.

Everyone interested in obtaining clearness in his mind about his previous lives on Earth, because strange, unexplainable pictures are coming up, connected with mental or/and physical problems that are becoming unbearable, can find help and solutions thanks to tracing back previous incarnations, where the origin or reason for his problems can be found. To see the reason for what is going on is certainly a great help towards finding a solution.

However, while previous lives are being traced back, very strong feelings, the outbreak of emotions also come up, that are connected with the situations that are being relived. Often these situations have to do with murder, or homicide, wars, abuse, insults, violation, injuries, that have been marking the past, ... and our karma with it! If we look at all the evil things that happened through many thousands of years on our Earth, we must not be surprised why we are faced with so many problems in our life today. Because it has been us ourselves who did it! And we are now working on this "heritage of the past" the name of which is "karma".

The tracing back of previous lives should be done by an experienced professional, a therapeutically trained person, aware of the responsibility this is requiring. And it is not sufficient to just look back at these old pictures and situations, because the people concerned must now not be left alone, all churned up inside, faced with their past. It is now the task of the therapist to clear the situation, together with his patient. If he would not do that, the psychic situation of his patient would become even worse, with the old wounds in his soul reopened.

It is very important in such situations not to trust implicitly any "expert". There are many so-called experts around us. Evolution demands of us not to trust any longer blindly any person, or creed, or political statements, etc. ... If we want to become free and independent one day we must start being attentive and careful,

take care of our Self!

Before we give our agreement to anything, we must try to get informed before, what the targets really are, about subjects and the people, who are trying to "sell" something", so that we are prepared as the situation arises. Trust is something very precious, we must do everything to avoid that it is abused by other people.

It is an exercise by the Higher Self to act as an "observer". It is extremely important to be aware of that. It is this distance between the Higher Self and awkward or painful situations in which we are "involved " that helps us make the right, objective decisions. This consciously lived distance also puts us in the position to laugh at ourselves, and we all know that humour helps solve problems and contributes towards healing all kinds of illnesses! Humour is an important remedy!

Karmic memories are meanwhile so widespread that they have become an undisputed fact. The art and challenge is to handle them in a way that makes sense, with the result that the people do get the help they so desperately need to solve knots in the tissue of their life frame. Too often, people searching for this kind of help are considered as lunatics, or maniacs, and are submitted to "psychiatric treatment", which makes the situation even worse.

What always helps,

is to accept friends an family members as they are, and take into consideration the fact of repeated lives and karma, accept that we have been doing many things wrong, all of us, in past times, even to each other, maybe as enemies, and that evolution can proceed and make steps forward only if

we help each other solve our karmic knots.

It is not too late yet, mankind and our planet have all the resources needed to heal mankind the planet, to continue evolution. We make the experience every day that these resources are being abused, therefore, we must hurry up, and start right now! This needs of course a lot of trust, namely trust in the divine world from where we get all the help, provided that we are seriously make every personal effort to make our contribution.

Are you familiar with the Tarot cards? One of them shows a pair of scales. One scale waits to be filled with our own individual, personal efforts. As we are filling our scale, the other scale is being filled with the help from the spiritual world, or God. But we have to take the initiative first.

It is better to go little steps, and these step by step, than to dream of big ones

Everyone who is living in a region of the world where we have the four seasons, knows how it feels, in mid-winter, to be waiting for spring. However, still covered by snow and ice, the buds on the bushes and trees are ready to unfold, as soon as the warmer days of spring come. With the love of Christ in our heart, we can already now start the spring of mankind unfolding on our planet Earth.

* * * * * * * * * *

It is characteristic for great people that they rather make high demands on themselves than on other people.

* * * * * * * * * *

A naked truth is better than a gold-plated lie.

* * * * * * * * * *

There is a lot of darkness in the world, it is up to us to shine. You in your corner there, myself in my corner here.


* * * * * * * * * *

You will never forget what you have been loving. You have never possessed what you consider as being lost.

M. Boersner

* * * * * * * * * *

Fruits ripen in the sun, the human being ripens by love.

* * * * * * * * * *

Love is flood and heat.
By inflaming your heart, it extinguishes God's wrath and burns away all our sins.


* * * * * * * * * *

Let go what you are loving.
When it comes back to you, it will be yours!
When it stays away,
it has not been belonging to you.

* * * * * * * * * *