Fate and karma II; common sense; learning by doing

Can you answer this question?

Why was the creation of a solid, material world, our planet Earth, necessary?

The Higher Self of us human beings is of pure spiritual nature. Our original home, paradise, was not a material world. Reflection and decision-making, our present everyday practice, were therefore not possible in those times. Reflection, thinking, is only possible when the act of thinking is reflected by something that is denser then the "thought". For example: When we look into a mirror, we need a dense silver-coating behind the glass of the mirror to make a reflection of our face possible. What we see in the mirror may sometimes look strange and yet is a true reflection of our body, in which we are as a matter of fact incarnated. This is one step towards gaining self-consciousness! In the spiritual world there is no reflection, all the beings are part of another. There is no Self separated from other Selves, therefore, no self-consciousness. But God wanted his love to be reflected! Consciously. By self-conscious sons and daughters. This is the goal of all evolution: that the divine love be reflected and lived by human individuals, with the full awareness of our divine origin in our heart.

We are each other a mirror

All the surrounding environment, all the people around us are a mirror for us. What we say and do is constantly being reflected by other people. This makes it possible, as time goes on, that we become more and more conscious of ourselves - our Selves - of our doings, and attitude(s).

Is it OK to be an egoist?

At one point in evolution, our hard-won self-consciousness shows us the other side of the same medal: we find ourselves stuck in egoism. However, this step is necessary: love the other as you love yourself! You have to love yourself first, to be able to love other people, and the world. How can someone lover others, if he cannot love himself? After having learned how to love ourselves our experience tells us that we have to extend our self-love to a love of the other humans and the world around us. So it is OK to be an individual, but we must learn and recognise that the others around us are also individuals. Our world and humanity can survive only, and proceed in evolution, if we start co-operating and supporting each other. World-wide!

Don't we all have a longing in our heart for living in a world of understanding, trust, and love?

Why is this so? Because, as already said before, we humans are all of the same origin.

But living love consciously and wisely has to be learned, and this learning process is hard! And often a painful one, until we have learned.

To learn what love really is, is true enlightenment!

Some people think (come Eastern traditions say so) that when they have been sitting long enough on a rock ledge, then enlightenment will come upon them, and will free them from all problems. But, the only way to free ourselves from our problems is to first recognise them, see why we have them, and then solve them, together with the other people concerned. Consciously, earnestly, with the greatest interest in each other.

The knowledge about the purpose of life has in the past been known to selected initiates only (priests, pharaohs, ...). Today, this knowledge is no longer a secret, all the information about our origin and the purpose of the evolution is available to everyone. All we have to do is make the effort to gather this information. Of course, we must be careful: not everyone who wants to "share a secret with you" has your interests at his heart. The longing of people for wisdom and knowledge is often being abused. So how can you find out how honest the offer is? I would like to recommend two criteria. One is: how much does it cost you? And the other:

Make use of your common sense!

Listen to your heart! Do you have a good or bad feeling? If you do not have a good feeling, you better leave it.

The true Self of the human being loves to be creative, because it has its origin in the Creator. Therefore, also, it has a get-up-and-go quality, it loves activity. The degree of creativity and activity of a person depend on how much this person allows the true Self to be present in him. This again depends on how aware this person is of himself and the world. This awareness, again, has to be learned, and is the fruit of many experiences in many lives on Earth.

The soul reflects the Self, serves the Self as a mirror. The soul's substance is awareness, consciousness. The substance of our Self is love, activity. In order that the activity and love of the Self make sense, it needs a wise soul. To become wise ... see above.

In the beginning, our soul was wise. But this was not a conscious, aware, lucid wisdom. In order to turn the original dark, subconscious into a clear, aware, lucid one, right from the beginning we humans made errors, and more errors, and more errors. Out of naivety (not bad will, as the Bible is saying).

Errors in one's behaviour result in bad karma. Good, constructive behaviour results in good karma. The cosmic laws are correct, just. The karmic law explains why we are sometimes faced with problematic situations in life, but also, how we can overcome them. Namely by changing our behaviour, our attitudes.

We see that our Self's love and activity (our male part) need the clear and lucid wisdom of our soul (our female part). Male and female need each other. What love without wisdom can result in, is what has been leading to all our karma. The Self, the Father, Love, Thinking, are pure spirit. The female part of the same medal, wisdom, is the world of our feelings, emotions. This is the world of the Goddess: the space, the expanses of the universe, the astral world (astral = stars). Our soul is a daughter of the Goddess, of Sophia (Sophia = wisdom).

The astral world is also the world of the souls of the animals! The human form is new in the evolution! This is difficult to realise. But it would explain why in films such as Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, etc. we find all these strange figures fascinating, even if they are often frightening! The Egyptians and in other cultures, the Gods were represented in animal forms! If we look at the Zodiac, most of the star signs are an expression of animal properties.

The task of the human being is to turn, or convert animal properties of the soul into human ones!

On the animal level, one either eats or is being eaten! On this level, big companies devour small ones, big countries make war on small countries. Those who have the money exploit those who don't. Etc.

On the human level, we help and support each other, are considerate, give even food away to someone who is more hungry than we are. Live love wisely.

When we look at the animal world, we see infinite wisdom there. Take, for example a beehive, or an anthill! Would we humans be wise enough to organise such a beehive or anthill? Certainly not. We do have all this wisdom hidden in our soul, it is waiting to be lifted up into clear consciousness.

We can learn a lot from nature

Or, in other words, and in the first place from the Creator and the Creatrice. When we look at nature, we see God's thoughts extended before our eyes, as they have taken on form in the material world. Let us learn from what we can discover, from the forms, colours, structures, life processes. Each animal, plant, crystal, gem, is a wonder.

Let us recognise what it means to be sons and daughters of such wonderful divine parents! Do we have reason or not to be grateful and live up to our responsibilities?

He fight against the dragon

The conversion of animal into human properties is the course of evolution. This is reflected in and content of our fairy tales.

The king's son, that is our Higher Self (God's, the king's son) has to fight against the dragon, that is the animal forces in us, in order to free the princess, our soul. When the princess has become free from the animal threat, she is ready to become queen. In other words: the human soul on the high level of wisdom: Maria-Sophia.

Lilith - the wild one

Traditions, cultures, religions of the past (like the Kabbalah) say that Lilith was Adam's first wife.

How is this to be understood? Adam got divorced and then married Eve?

The Bible is full of riddles, mysteries, wonders, and symbols, which we are only starting to understand to some extent. There are pictures of Lilith where we see her in the company of animals, mostly a dragon or a lion. Lilith is representing the cosmic, female wis-dom on a dark, instinctive level, which, as we have seen above, is to be converted during evolution to a human level, Lilith is to become Sophia. It is also said, that Lilith escaped from Adam with demons, and that she was eating her own children. The meaning of this is that when we continue living life unconsciously, without thinking and considering, we are destroying our own future.

One life is not enough to become a truly human being

When we look at the many problems that we are experiencing in our life we are getting slowly but surely an idea of how much we may have been doing wrong in past lives on Earth. However, as everyone of us is affected, we must definitely stop blaming each other. Instead, we must accept ourselves as we are, and help each other to make it better.

A short summary of the basic reasons why repeated lives on Earth are necessary:

The Human Self, of divine origin, is being sent out to Earth for repeated incarnations in order to become individual, independent, free - in the long run. As a result of many different experiences during its many stays on Earth it will one day be able to do its own thinking, make its own decisions, be an individual, free son of the universe, one of many more billions of free sons of divine origin, fulfilling tasks that only such individuals can take care of who are fully aware of their responsibility for what they are doing.

This development, called evolution, is a long process. The experiences we can make during one life on Earth, are obviously by far not sufficient.

Each incarnation is different, because many different experiences are to me made. We incarnate alternatively as males or females, because the experiences a man makes are most of the time very different from the experiences that a woman makes. And we make very different experiences when we are incarnated either in Europe, North or South America, Africa, Asia ..... with a white skin, or black, or brown, or whatever colour. The culture and tradition of a region or country also mark the character of the people living there.

To know that we have all been incarnated already as men and women in the past (and will continue to do so for some more time in the future) may help men and women understand and accept each other better than we are doing now! Does this sound good?

Therefore, judging people by the colour of their skin and culture negatively, is not only stupid but also not objective. Other people in other parts of the world are not better or worse, they are just different! Because they have made and continue to make different experiences. Let us rather learn from each other. And in future incarnations we will be living in cultures where we can learn and acquire the qualities which are still missing in our personality.

The racial problem

Times have changed. This started two thousand years ago - and still is a lasting process. In the pre-Christian era people looked out for and prayed to a God somewhere far away in the universe, possibly an old, lonely man with a long beard. Since God became human, two thousand years ago, in Christ, times have changed: Christ wants to be and can be in the hearts of the human beings, as far as we can accept his presence there, and live the divine intentions, namely: live life wisely.

But we are left free to do that or not. Nobody forces us. But the more we accept each other as from the same divine origin, as brothers and sisters, the more the racial question loses its significance. What will count in future, which has already begun, is the inner truly human qualities: esteem and regard for each other, co-operation, support ...

A beautiful face and body are the reflection of a beautiful soul

Also the physical appearance of the human beings will change: The colour of the skin, and of the hair, all the physiognomy of a person will be an expression of his personality, not of a race any longer. The entire humanity will be a community of interesting individuals, everyone with his/her physiognomy and complexion. A friend of mine knows a young Japanese man with black hair and blue eyes - a centre of interest for the surrounding girls.

We sometimes meet people who are physically quite attractive, but then we have to discover that "inside they are all but nice". How does that fit together? The answer can be that their present "good-looking" is a result of a previous positive life. In other words: the properties of our soul - our feelings - in a previous life result in corresponding physical properties in our present life: good or bad health, pleasant or unpleasant physiognomy.

Therefore: a person living a positive, constructive life now, con count on a pleasant physiognomy and good health in his next. This is Karma!

Of course, one should avoid trying to live a positive life just for the reason of being beautiful in one's next life! Because the motivation would then not to be positive but would be the expression of an egoistic attitude. With corresponding negative results in the next life. Etc. A beautiful face is a side result of living love wisely.

Let's have the courage to make a fool of ourselves - for a short time

Living many lives on Earth, and making many different experiences, as described above, makes our soul rich, wise, wide, bright.

A person trying out a lot of things, makes many experiences, and many errors. From the errors we learn. By making many errors, but learning from them we get wise. There is no other, easier way. The more we learn, and therefore wiser we get, the less errors we make!!

There is a Chinese saying (rough translation):

If someone asks a stupid question, he may appear as a fool - for a moment. But then he knows better and can continue forming his future.
Who is afraid of asking a stupid question in order to avoid appearing as a fool (for a moment) will remain being a fool for the rest of his life..

* * * * *

To close this chapter I would like to pass on some words of comfort.

Everyday we are faced with all kind of situations, problems. The following words by Rudolf Steiner tell us that there is no reason for despair, because we are getting all the time all the help we need:


We must root out fear and dread
of what is pressing close to mankind out of the future.
We must develop serenity
in relation to all our feelings and anxieties about the future.
We must look ahead with absolute equanimity
at whatever is to come and think only:
whatever is to come is coming to us
through wisdom-filled cosmic guidance.

At every moment, we have to do whatever is right
and leave everything else to the future.
This is what we should be learning now:
to live trustingly without any security for our existence
and with complete trust in the ever-present help of the spiritual world.
In truth, any other way is impossible nowadays.
If we are to keep up our courage,
let us train our will and endeavor to awaken our inner life
every morning and every evening.

Rudolf Steiner

* * * * *

Be careful about what you think,
because your thoughts will become words.

Be careful about your words,
because your words will become deeds.

Be careful about your deeds,
because they will become habits.

Be careful about your habits,
because they determine your fate.

So you better start with being careful about what you think.

* * * * *