Obviously, the following texts can be of interest only to those people who have a feeling for the spiritual backgrounds, for topics such as

- the origin of mankind in God - repeated lives on earth - destiny - Karma - the backgrounds of health and disease - the importance of positive thinking - the evil in the world - the meaning of suffering - how to live life wisely - etc., etc. ...

People who do not feel that these topics have anything to do with them will certainly find more interesting homepages elsewhere in the Internet.

If you, however, feel that it might be useful to know more about these issues, then I would like to extend a warm welcome to you. One of my intentions is to mention in one corner of the VITASOPHIE homepage other links that have to do with similar topics. Possibly this way it may be possible that people with similar interests get to know each other and even meet one day to prepare the future together (which has already started). Of course I realise that, in the beginning, such encounters can be envisaged only by people living in Central Europe - I am a German living in Southern Germany.

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