Welcome to the VITASOPHIE homepage!

The contents of the articles in this homepage are the results and summary of decades of search for the origin of man and the meaning of life.

I studied very different types of spiritual sources that are presently available to mankind. Naturally, the sources of knowledge available to the individual human being in the

various parts of the world vary greatly from country to country, from culture to culture. My VITASOPHIE articles are Christ-centred, my personal conviction is that with the new Christ-consciousness in our mind and soul we are well prepared to cope with all the problems and situations that we are faced with.

VITASOPHIE represents my very personal understanding of life and of the present situation of mankind that I am herewith presenting to you. Possibly, and hopefully, some of the insights may be of interest to you.

The name of this homepage: VITASOPHIE = wisdom of life, came to me the intuitive way, very spontaneously. What this will lead to, is open.