The importance of being in balance;
male - female in balance;
freedom; light and darkness;
immune system; the golden middle;
where are we at home?

Why should we in balance?

The human being is in the first place a spiritual being, originating from and at home in the spiritual cosmos. From time to time we have to, and even want to leave the star region where we are at home for an incarnation on the planet Earth, in order to continue our evolution.

Out in the spiritual universe we have a comprehensive consciousness, but no SELF-consciousness.

Evolution, the development of our self-consciousness, is possible on Earth, in a material world only. In the spiritual cosmos, all the beings are flowing through and into each other, there is no separation between them, there is no vis-à-vis, to serve as a mirror.

On Earth, we are each other a vis-à-vis, because we are physically, materially separated from each other, and can look into each other's face, and say "I love you!" - It is important to have a vis-à-vis, so that we can mirror, or reflect each other, and so become aware, conscious of our own and the others' personality.

By reflecting each other, by telling each other what we think about our vis-à-vis' habits and attitudes, we learn from each other and make the experiences that we need to develop our SELF-consciousness.

3 necessary steps: 1) differentiation - 2) creation of one's personal sphere - 3) autonomy

The topic "differentiation" is a central one. Everyday we make repeatedly the experience that other people are trying to tell us what we have to do, or even think! In such situations, we have to summon up a lot of personal energy and sound opinion of ourselves, it is a matter of defending our personality. If we do not succeed in telling others convincingly where their limits are, as far as their attitude towards us is concerned, we risk to give up our identity, which causes disharmony in our emotions, these again are then the reason for health problems.

The other way round: when we have health problems, we must look into our soul, our emotions, is there an imbalance? If so, why? Are we not in harmony with ourselves, do we have problems with other people? Are we being manipulated? Can we settle the problems by getting together and look together for a solution? Sometimes a separation, a divorce is the better solution, instead of fighting each other for the rest of the life.

We have to carefully study ourselves, to become aware of our capabilities but also our personal limits. This means effort, but if we succeed, this will lead to a strong personality. A strong personality, this inner strength, a well-defined and delimited personal sphere, also means a strong immune system. It is of central importance to defend our Selves against influences, manipulation from outside.

Our body tells us perfectly how successful we are in our efforts to delimit ourselves: a smooth skin, for example, is a positive sign. Hay fever in spring tells us that the processes outside in nature can enter our body, because we are letting influences from other people enter our soul. With hay fever, our body is part of nature, they are both "blossoming".

Strong soul = strong immune system = health.

We see that the state of our soul, our emotions, feelings is being reflected by the state of our body. Our body is a perfect mirror of our soul, our personality.

An illness of any kind is always a request, or call by our body to look deeper into our soul and make a decision what we have to change in our life to re-establish balance.

If we only take medicaments, to get rid of the pains, the signs by our body will disappear, but nothing has changed in our life, because we have not been attentive enough.

Delimiting ourselves, creating our personal sphere, is certainly not at all easy. Because all of us want to be "nice", we want avoid hurting other people's feelings! However, we can't please everyone! Because, if we do: see above.

On the other hand: when we look at our own personal needs first, other people might think, that we are egoistic! And we don't want to be called egoists. Or do we? Let's have a look at the New Testament, where we read that we should love our neighbour just as we love ourselves. It doesn't say that we should love our neighbour more than ourselves! Consequently, and only this way it makes sense, we must love ourselves first, accept ourselves as we are, and then extend our love and interest to our neighbour, and accept him as he is. We are not at all supposed to sacrifice ourselves, but to use the available means and forces to support each other. If we try to give more than our personal means and forces allow us, we will not be able (have the forces to) fulfil our task in our life, which is to develop our personality, and help others develop their personality as well.

Solitude is a - temporary - phase on the path to freedom

Our path to freedom is paved with crises. One of the most challenging ones is the times of solitude, loneliness. Then we realise that, with all the friends and relatives around us, we yet have to walk our way alone, and all the others have to do the same, walk their personal, winding, sometimes tiring way. There are lucky times when we meet people with whom we can walk a stretch of the way together, but after a while we have to part again, to continue walking up the more or less stony hill - alone. At the end of four path, though, when we have reached our goal called "freedom" we all meet again and have all reason to celebrate a big party.

Many people tend to give up in times of loneliness, because loneliness is very hard, sometimes even too hard to endure. But if we have confidence in our life, and know that times of loneliness are necessary and only a phase in our development, this can serve as a consolation. Apart from that we are never really alone: The spiritual world, all the angels, in particular our personal guardian angel, are always around us, helping us in any situation.

It is of course much more convenient to remain within a community of people, where we feel protected, even if our personal thinking and feelings are not accepted there. To break free from bondage, sometimes suppression, calls for a lot of courage.

Freedom is a matter of our own personal decision - and a gift - but also the main target in our evolution

Nobody can be forced to be free (just as nobody can be forced to love). One has to have the will to be or do it. And we are free to leave it!

Nor can a country be forced to be democratic, if the people are not ready for democracy.

To become free, is a long, long process. It needs the entire time of evolution of mankind. So we mustn't despair, if we are not successful yet after a first try. But we are expected to try again. And again.

The divine expectations are that one day all the human beings, of divine origin, will be in a position to live love on the basis of wisdom and freedom.

In the past, during long periods of our evolution, we have been living in traditions. Our lives were submitted to rules as they had been practised over thousands of years in clans, tribes, religions, cultures. Individual opinions or wishes did not count. It was the parents, or other clan members, who decided upon the future profession, or wife, or husband. Which is still continuing to be the rule in many countries in the world.

Rules and traditions have developed over the times to become taboos, which were never allowed to be even questioned, let alone broken. In some countries in the world, families are now breaking up because the youngsters want to make their own decisions regarding the profession and the setting up of an own family.

Today, another extreme is happening: all taboos from the past are being broken, but by what are they being replaced? By new, high values? Or rather for own profit-making reasons? We touch here the question of what freedom really is.

We are only as free as our fellow human beings (and circumstances) allow us to be free, freedom cannot be imposed, only respected

Freedom has also a twin sister: her name is "responsibility". This shows us that freedom has limits: namely, where our own personal freedom meets the freedom of someone else. The respect of the interests of someone else is the basic pre-condition of freedom.

On this new basis, people, as individuals, make arrangements together, acceptable for everyone concerned, taking into consideration the own will, the feelings, and decisions of the others. But even more than that: the needs and requirements of our entire planet Earth are now being considered. Unfortunately not by everyone yet. But, being very optimistic, I state that more and more people get more and more conscious, aware of what our world needs now.

What are the pre-conditions for freedom?

Some essential pre-conditions have to be considered before freedom can to granted to us. Inner balance, a clear view of what is going on in the world, consideration of mankind and nature, patience - properties that we should be living "out of our golden middle". See the below summary. Please do not fail to add some more properties out of your own personal experiences

Out of our "golden middle"

We humans are surrounded and penetrated b y many, often very different, or even opposed forces, that we have to become acquainted with. We get acquainted with them thanks to our daily experiences. By our experiences we learn.

Some of our experiences are pleasant, encouraging. Others are depressing, painful, deceiving. But all of them help us get acquainted with and aware of the fact, that our existence is composed of the two sides of a medal, that there are

light and darkness

in our life. Not only in our life, but also in the entire cosmos. The state of mankind reflects the state of the cosmos. The human being is a copy of the cosmos, everyone of us is a micro-cosmos. Polarities everywhere that wait to be harmonised.

Let's try to create harmony first in ourselves, and start with getting familiar with our own lightful but also dark sides, aspects. Which we are allowed to have, because they are our heritage from the past. But it is time now to transform them into positive, truly human aspects.

Do we know ourselves really well?

Not really.

We human beings are in fact really complicated. But, and this is very, very positive, we have now reached a point in our evolution where we humans start to become aware of each other, where we recognise and accept each other as individuals! The next step can be to realise that we all make mistakes, even that we cannot avoid making mistakes (during a restricted period of time, though), because we have to make them in order to learn from them and this way become more and more conscious of ourselves and aware of the world. Next step: instead of blaming each other, we develop understanding and more and more try to help and support and forgive each other. This way we are preparing a new, truly human future, where we will live love wisely.

Learning from our mistakes leads to inner balance

So, balance is a key word. The balance between a sound egoism (!) which needs not to be negative, because egoism is one first step towards self-awareness, self-consciousness, self-esteem, freedom, to be followed by further steps that lead to respect of and love to the world, creation, even altruism.

Altruism is personal egoism extended to the whole world

Shall we serve - or let us be served?

Altruism has to do with the basic cosmic law which is to serve. Very important! The New Testament tells us about the scene where Jesus Christ bends down to wash his disciple's feet. It is not the disciple whom we see bending down to wash his Master's, God's feet! The opposite happens. God himself bends down to serve his disciple.

To serve does not means to run around doing what the others tell us to do, e.g. washing other people's WC, etc. - To serve means that those people, who have made progress in their life, in their personal evolution, have to be available to others, with their knowledge and capabilities, to help them make progress in their development also,

Often we feel deceived in our efforts to make progress in life, in spite of our good will. There is a reason for this: the greater the efforts we have to make, the more soul substance we can build up.

Physical and spiritual efforts, the overcoming of problems, build up soul substance!

Whereas a convenient life uses them up. We can note this, e.g., when a child is sitting in front of a TV, or play station, or playing Computer Games all day long. This child is just not able any longer, at the end of the "session", to summon up the forces necessary to concentrate on learning, or any other spiritual activity. His soul forces have been used up, "eaten up" by the computer.

The situations that we are faced with every day force us to make efforts. If we were not forced (we all have to live, make a living) we would probably not make many of them voluntarily. But it is only through making efforts and overcoming problems that we can make progress in our personal development!

Which means that, wen we are faced with a problem, we tend to complain about our fate. But when we have been able to cope with our problems, when we have found solutions to them, we have all reason to be proud of ourselves. Our personality has grown again a little bit. And it is at the end of an eventful, maybe even hard life, that a person realises that this life has been worthwhile, because he, or she, has been able to learn a lot, and built up his/her personality.

A problem is not a problem, it is a challenge!

A challenge to look closer at it. Is there possibly a one-sidedness in our character, our attitude that we have to overcome, to balance?

A one-sidedness can lead to an "extreme". Such an extreme can be "too much" or "too little". The right measure can only be found out by experience. The sense of all the experiences that we have to make in our life is to be able to develop the right sense for the right balance!!

Male and female in balance

To be "too male" or "too female" can also be a one-sidedness! Every human being is male and female in one person! Let me explain this in more detail, because this is of fundamental importance! But it is difficult, I must admit. But I try:

The male in every human being - in man and woman - thinks, plans, is love!

The female in every human being - in man and woman - is the world of the feelings, the emotions, reflections, serves the male as a mirror, is wisdom.

Yin and Yang mean female and male. Yin is cool = wisdom. Yang is hot = love.

I hear the girls complaining: You say that love is a male thing. But I'm a girl and yet I love!

Of course. It is the male part in you that loves, your female part, your soul, receives and feels love, reflects love. The same with the men.

Too difficult? No, this answers many questions.

When is a man a man? When his male qualities, or aspects predominate. And what makes a woman a woman? When her female qualities predominate.

Sometimes a man is very female, namely when his (inside) female qualities predominate. This explains homosexuality. Outside male, inside more female. The other way round with lesbian females.

The Bible says that in the beginning Adam was man and woman, he was androgynous. Eve was created out of a rib of Adam. = the female was separated from the male. Although the male still has a little female in himself, and the female a little male in herself.

The human being was created to God's image. - If the human being is male and female, is God also male and female??

Of course. Even the Bible says so. The Goddess - The "Divine Wisdom" - tells us that She was at His side right from the beginning, creating worlds together.

I will revert to this in one of the following articles. What can be said so far, is that the Goddess was "removed" by the Church, was reduced to the humble maid Mary. Even in Christ's prayer to the Father - in the original Aramaic version - the prayer begins with "Father and mother in heaven ..." (I'm not familiar with the original wording, this is only my rough translation).

With the "removal" of the Goddess - or the female world - times of patriarchy began. these are now ending, the female world is now coming back. This does not mean that we are going to have matriarchy again, but

a balance between male and female - thinking and feeling - let's think with our hearts.

Here now the announced summary of one-sidednesses, which may help us create the balance, the right measure, out from "our golden middle", our heart:

too much: too little: the right balance:
exaggeration, no discipline bondage freedom
oppression; manipulation dependence; helplessness independence
high spirits fear courage
obsession with power limitation, stress development
self-centredness; egoism hatred love; altruism
drift away; drugs; stuck in materialism clear awareness
waste; extravagance stinginess the right measure
carelessness lies sincerity
recklessness, audacity cowardice bravery; courage
disorder; mess pedantry, fussiness moderate sense of order
complete lack of restraint inner tension self-discipline
arrogance feeling of inferiority self-esteem; self-respect
exuberance; exaggerated enthusiasm cold-heartedness warm heart
imagination running wild abstraction; asceticism sound judgement
fever sclerosis cool head, warm heart;inner balance
etc. (what have I forgotten?)

* * * * * * * * * *

"What is more valuable than gold?", the king asked.

"The light", answered the snake.

"And what is more pleasant than light?" he asked.

"A conversation".

Johann Wolfgang Goethe, Das Märchen (The Fairy Tale)

* * * * * * * * * *

Your are not at home where you live, but where you are understood.


* * * * * * * * * *

Merry people do something foolish more often than sad people do. But sad people commit more serious ones.

Ewald von Kleist

* * * * * * * * * *

Freedom means responsibility. This is why most people are scared of it.

* * * * * * * * * *

No harbour to sail to, no reason for a wind to come up.

* * * * * * * * * *

It is more important to study people, than books.

La Rochefoucauld

* * * * * * * * * *

I pray to God for the calmness to accept things that I can't change;
the courage to change things, that I can change;
and the wisdom to tell one from the other.

C.F. Oetiger

* * * * * * * * * *

It is impossible to carry the torch of truth through a pushing crowd,

* * * * * * * * * *

Experience tells you that it is sometimes better to leave a word at the tip of your tongue.

* * * * * * * * * *

Love your enemies, but be faster than they are.

* * * * * * * * * *

A foolish friend is a greater nuisance than a wise enemy.

* * * * * * * * * *

Unpleasant events are tablets to be swallowed but not chewed.

* * * * * * * * * *

With the same environment everybody is living in another world.

* * * * * * * * * *

Always make use of an opportunity to keep your mouth shut.

Curt Goetz

* * * * * * * * * *

Those who are walking towards the truth, are walking alone.

Christian Morgenstern

* * * * * * * * * *

Too many people are living too much in the past. The past must serve as a springboard, not as a sofa.

Harold Macmillan

* * * * * * * * * *

Ignorance at the right time is better than cleverness at the wrong!

from Lituvia

* * * * * * * * * *

Truth should be offered to people like a coat that they can just slip into - but not as a wet cloth slammed around their head.

* * * * * * * * * *

He who dares to ask a foolish question, may be a fool for five minutes. He who does not dare to ask a foolish question will remain a fool for the rest of his life.

from China

* * * * * * * * * *

As your pains increase, so your forces to endure them

* * * * * * * * * *

A great man is a small man who is the first to do something.

* * * * * * * * * *

Luck likes to be a guest in houses, where people are laughing,.

* * * * * * * * * *

He who smiles instead of going mad, is always the stronger one.

* * * * * * * * * *

Advice from Arabia for travelers:

When you stop each time that a dog is barking, your journey will never end.

* * * * * * * * * *